Monday, December 6, 2010

Drawing the Lines

With the 2010 elections behind us, we can start to think about redistricting. All across the country, boundaries will be shifting and the politically-influenced contortions will begin.

The Sunlight Foundation makes no bones about some of the more ridiculously-drawn districts:
One day, there will be a brilliant, easy-to-use tool that enlightens our citizenry on the intricacies of gerrymandering and the political machinations therein. But that day is not today. Today we launch the crude, far-from-serious, yet very fun Better Draw a District – a project originating from the Labs Olympics. Built on the spirit of the 1812 origins of ‘Gerrymandering’, Better Draw a District thumbs its nose at other redistricting tools and encourages you to add graffiti to any and all congressional districts.
Do these districts surprise you? Do they make you wonder how democracy can really be representative if the shapes are so gnarled? Maybe they should. Before you write or call your congressman, please take a can of virtual graffiti and deface a few congressional districts.
Check out the Better Draw A District page, and try it on MI-08. It can't get any worse...

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