Saturday, December 11, 2010

Leaving a Clean Slate

Gov. Jennifer Granholm has been the right wing's favorite punching bag for the last eight years, but she is doing something her predecessor, their beloved John Engler, never did.

According to the Detroit Free Press on Saturday (Dec. 10, 2010):

"Granholm said that unlike three previous governors, she will leave her successor with a balanced budget and a $400-million surplus."

Engler left Granholm a budget mess from the previous year, which she had to immediately tackle while putting together the next year's budget. With all the state's problems the last decade, Granholm left the new guy a clean slate. He won't have to clean up after Granholm and even has $400 million to work with.

The tough cuts Granholm did on the budget year after year has been vastly under-appreciated.

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