Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GOP Mishandling of Hamburg Not Forgotten

A year ago at this time, Hamburg Township was gearing up for a special election -- one made necessary by Republican bungling and intra-party bickering. Clerk Matt Skiba had been recalled and the township residents had to pay the cost of a special election to replace him.

Meanwhile, the trainwreck of a treasurer -- another Republican put in office after GOP infighting -- was playing out, with Patrick Evon finally resigning in May. And later in the year, the lawsuits over the matter started piling up. They will keep the matter fresh in our minds in coming months.

In both cases, Skiba and Evon were the weaker candidates for office. The credentials of Democrats Debby Buckland for Clerk and Linda Taylor for treasurer were far superior. But Republicans blindly pulled the lever and Buckland and Taylor narrowly lost.

Months of public fighting could have been avoided with less partisanship in the voting booth.

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