Friday, June 17, 2011

A Case of Misplaced Priorities?

If you search on the internet for "heroin deaths in Livingston County" you will get 43,400 results and learn that deaths from heroin overdoses in Livingston County may well set a record this year if the current rate continues -- 13 so far in 2011.

If you search on the internet for "marijuana deaths in Livingston County, you will get this message, "No results found for 'marijuana deaths in livingston county.'"

So which drug do elected officials spend their time worrying about? Marijuana, of course, specifically medical marijuana. Brighton is the latest local government to debate ordinances to control medical marijuana dispensaries -- establishments that are legal ever since Michigan voters approved a ballot issue authorizing medical marijuana in the state.

And Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney David Morse is so worried about medical marijuana that is going after a dispensary because he thinks they are in technical violation of the medical marijuana law.

Perhaps more of the energy being spent on medical marijuana would be better spent on the drug that is killing people instead of the drug that is legally helping sick people.

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