Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Republicans Not Done with Attacking Public Schools

The assault on public schools isn't over, just because Rick Snyder has stolen $470 per student from school budgets at a time when the school aid fund has a surplus and the state budget is taking in millions more than expected just a few months ago.

Now, it's time for Republicans to make it easier to fire teachers.

Right now, teachers receive tenure after a four-year probationary period. You would think that four years would be enough time for school superintendents to figure out that a teacher is or isn't doing the job. That's four years to do annual evaluations, observe the teacher in the classroom, examine lesson plans, and on and on. That's four years to decide if a teacher is making the grade and to document the lack of performance.

But apparently, it's not enough time. Four entire school years will pass without school superintendents being able to discern that a teacher isn't doing the job. Probably because the superintendents aren't doing theirs.

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