Thursday, June 16, 2011

Snyder's Private School Shows the Rich Really Are Different

No wonder Rick Snyder has trouble understanding what goes on in Michigan public schools.

According to Michigan Messenger, Snyder's own child goes to a private school that spends $20,000 a year on each student -- and doesn't think it's enough, even as Snyder has slashed $470 per student from Michigan public schools.

Snyder can send his kid to a private school if he wants to. As a multi-millionaire, he can afford the best education money can buy. He must think education is important. For his kid. But why doesn't he think it's important for all Michigan children?

His spokesperson's comments about the disparity in funding were non-responsive, claiming the cuts were necessary because of a lack of revenue, when we all know the school aid fund has a half billion dollar surplus and the state general fund is taking in hundreds of millions more than anticipated. The spokesperson had the nerve to say that schools should be "focusing on the growth of students." Exactly how they will do that even less money while the school Snyder's child attends can't get by on $20,000 a year, well, she didn't say.

I wonder how this news might have impacted the debate over school cuts had it come out a month ago.

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