Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Garbage -- Where Does It All Go?

Movie nights are returning to the Livingston County Democratic Party’s fall schedule on Friday, Oct. 2.

The party will show a lively and entertaining documentary that takes a look at what happens to all the garbage families throw out or recycle week after week. The documentary follows a family that was asked to save every bit of their trash – from baby diapers to plastic water bottles – for three months and then tracks what becomes of it.

This film includes an upclose and personal look at the impact of importing Canadian trash in to Michigan, as well as the effects of coal-mining on families in West Virginia.

The video will be followed with time for discussion and then a dessert bar featuring ice cream and all the trimmings.

The showing, which is open to all, will be at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 2, at party headquarters, 10321 E. Grand River, Suite 600, Brighton, MI. Donations of $10 per person or $15 per couple will cover the cost of projector rental and refreshments.

In addition, the party asks attendees to consider bringing a toiletry item for a donation drive to help patients at the Veterans Administration hospital in Ann Arbor. We will be collecting items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving cream, and razors throughout the fall to take to the VA hospital as part of our Veterans Day observance.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Good for Stabenow!

Sen. Debbie Stabenow was taking no crap from Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee on Friday (Sept. 25, 2009).

Check out what she told Sen. John Kyl of Arizona, who wanted to cut maternity coverage from insurance policy coverage.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Were the Birthers All Busy?

Livingston County Republicans are demonstrating just how far right they have become with their choice of a speaker for an upcoming event.

Joe the Plumber, who is not really a plumber at all, will give the keynote address at a November dinner. You can spend $50 to hear him ($100 if you want to get up close and personal at a VIP reception).

But why would anybody spend $50 to hear him when they just heard him for free at the teabagger hate-fest at the mill pond earlier this month?

Why invite him back?

Was birther queen Orly Taitz booked?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who's In Control of Livingston County Commission?

Sloppy management is in evidence again with the Livingston County Board of Commissioners.

The latest incident involves the dispute over paying half of the $11,000 for an administrator to attend a management course at Harvard University. Last April, the commissioners thought the employee was paying for it, but this summer she submitted a bill for half, the commission agreed to pay it despite complaints from three commissiones, and then the employee withdrew the request for reimbursement. Did something happen after April that the public doesn't know about? Why the change of heart?

Earlier this summer, another former county employee was arrested for allegedly taking funds from the county for health care benefits that weren't owed her. She had convinced the county commission to get rid of a third party that handled the benefit payouts and put her in charge. With no oversight, the allegations say, she was able to submit phony requests for reimbursement for herself and the county paid them. So who was in charge of that fiasco?

It's becoming increasingly obvious they don't have their act together.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday in the Fall--Marxist Football Day!

It's a gorgeous-looking September morning and if it stays this way, it will be a perfect afternoon for that great American tradition -- college football.

But I imagine the crowds at the stadiums of the University of Michigan, Michigan State, Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, and so on, will be much smaller this year. What with President Obama now in office and everything related to government suddenly becoming marxist and socialist and all.

I don't expect any of those tea baggers will be sitting in those stadiums cheering the teams from the "government schools."

Guess we'll have to cheer for Notre Dame and Northwestern from now on.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson--a Republican Doing What Republicans Do

Anyone who watched President Obama's awesome speech last night couldn't miss the Republican behavior -- highlighted by Republican Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina's shouting that the president was lying.

As we know from the last few weeks, that is all Republicans have to offer in this debate about rising health care costs -- name-calling and shouting. Now that it has been done by a member of Congress in a formal setting, Republicans can no longer disassociate themselves from the right-wing fringe. This is the heart of their party. If Republicans can't act civilly in one of our democracy's most hallowed chambers, do they belong there at all? Why should anyone take them seriously as people trying to solve the problems our nation faces?

Rep. John Dingle put it best when Huffington Post asked for his reaction to Wilson's rudeness. "Well, you've got to understand: They're Republicans. They're just doing what comes natural," he said.

Wilson apologized afterwards, but it's too late.

Independents and moderate Republicans need to ask themselves why they want to be associated with people like that.

Come Hear Jocelyn Benson Sunday

Jocelyn Benson, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State, will be back in Livingston County Sunday. If you missed the bang-up job she did as a speaker at the Winans Dinner in May, this is your chance to see her.

Benson will be at a fund-raiser for her campaign on Sunday (Sept. 13, 2009) at the Livingston County Democratic Party headquarters, 10321 E. Grand River, Suite 600, Brighton. Tickets are $30 a person or $50 for a paid. The event will run from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Benson is a dynamo who has great ideas for making voting easier here in Michigan and making the state a leader again in this area.

It's That Time Again--Roadside Cleanup Sunday

This Sunday (Sept. 13, 2009) is your chance to do something to help the environment. And to enjoy fellowship and breakfast with Democrats afterwards.

Join Livingston County Democrats at 8 a.m. Sunday for the quarterly roadside cleanup along a two-mile stretch of M-59. Meet in the parking lot of the Ironwood Golf Club, 6902 E. Highland Road.

We'll have the safety vests, bags, and sticks.

In the event of rain, the date will be Sunday, Sept. 20, 2009.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some Things Left Out of Tea-Bagger Coverage

Funny how reporters managed to overlook the uglier aspects of the tea-bag express rally in Brighton on Tuesday (Sept. 8, 2009).

Where was the mention of the huge sign depicting President Obama in African dress, tapping in to old cultural myths about the inferiority and savagery of tribal cultures? Or the buttons being sold depicting Obama as the sinister-looking master-criminal Joker character from Batman, playing in to whites' racial fears of urban black men? Or the sign calling Obama a "Muslim marxist"?

No mention of the man who asked one of our Jewish members, "How do you spell 'Auschwitz?'" -- an implied threat.

Nor any mention of the man who tried to grab our bull horn away, of the men who felt free to poke us in the chest with their fingers or otherwise touch us without our permission. Or the teabaggers who told two of our members standing near the mill pond that it would be a shame if they ended up in the pond.

Nothing about the man who walked past us and shouted that we should have "retroactive abortions."

Or the three people who at various times were shouting, "Kill Obama."

Real nice people, just concerned citizens.

Nor was there any mention of the more stupid aspects of the rally -- The elderly people obviously on Medicare saying they don't want government involved in health care. Do they really not know that Medicare is run by the government?

Or the people chanting, "No health care." They don't want any health care at all? Really? They would actually let a parent or child die rather than seek health care?

And no mention of the thoroughly debunked, "Obamacare is genocide for the elderly" claims.

How pathetic. Livingston County presented a pretty ugly face to the country, and despite claims to the contrary, it was orchestrated by the increasingly extremist Livingston County Republican Party, which promoted it heavily.

Moderate independents and Republicans in this county need to take a close look at the ugliness at the rally and ask themselves if that's what they want to be associated with.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How Things Have Changed Since 1986

Just to make things more entertaining, here is the text from the speech that President Reagan broadcasted to classrooms across the country when he was in office.


Remember all of those liberals at the time throwing a hissy-fit about this? No? Probably because it didn't happen.

Oh how I wish President Obama was giving a similar speech. It would provide days, maybe even weeks-worth of priceless video from psycho conservative (is that redundant?) parents. If President Obama's benign speech results in parents acting like the one in the link below, a policy speech would surely cause them to act in a manner which makes Glenn Beck look somewhat sane. Hard to imagine, I know.


When President Says Work Hard, Livingston Parents Say Don't Listen

Things have sunk pretty low when parents don't want their kids to listen to anything the president says.

Not even work hard, do your homework, try to make something of yourself even if you don't have much money or think you don't have any opportunities. (The text of the speech is here.)

That's pretty much the classic Horatio Alger story that America is supposed to be built on. But if it comes from a Democratic president who happens to be half black, Livingston County parents label it "indoctrination" somehow aimed at destroying our freedom.

What next -- no photos of President Obama allowed in classrooms because it encourages hero worship?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Does Anybody Remember Terry Shiavo?

As Republicans opposed to health care reform rant and rave about government being involved in our lives, we all should remember one name -- Terry Shiavo.

Who was it that wanted government involved in our lives back then?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Livingston Dems Plan Rally on Health Care Reform to Counter Tea-Baggers

Livingston County Democrats are planning a loud and proud counter-rally when the Tea Party Express rolls into Brighton on Tuesday (September 8, 2009).

Democrats plan to gather at the Mill Pond in downtown Brighton at 3 p.m. to express their support for health care reform -- including requiring coverage for pre-existing conditions, holding down exploding health care costs, creating a government option to provide low-cost competition to the corporations that are gouging consumers with exorbitant premiums, and covering the uninsured.

We don't want to be confrontational, but to be a rational expression of support for health care reform.

Plan to join us!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rogers Talking Out of Both Sides of Mouth on Health Care

Rep. Mike Rogers has perfected the art of talking out of both sides of his mouth on the health care issue.

During his telephone "town hall" meeting held without advance notice so people could not stay home and wait for the call, Rogers pushed two completely contradictory lies:

--Health care reform will force you to lose your private health insurance and force you into a government health care plan.

--Health care reform will force you to lose your government health care plan known as Medicare.

Rogers' scaring of senior citizens with his lie about Medicare is shameless. But if government health insurance is as bad as he says it is, should't he be telling senior citizens that they should be glad to be getting rid of Medicare? He's not.

If goverment health care is so bad, why does Rogers keep it for himself?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Newspapers and the Web

I really would like to comment on articles on the Livingston Press and Argus' website from time to time.

But I am really tired of trying to log in and being told that my session has timed out. Over and over again. Day after day.

But if I could log in, I would comment on the Livingston County Board of Commissioners' inability to control its own staff, as shown by its decision to pay for a training session for an administrator that it had previously been told would not be charged to the county, referenced in this letter to the editor.

The $5,300 is almost as much as the $6,000 that the county commissioners had budgeted for veterans' relief, until they were caught by the county Veterans Commission ignoring state law and were forced to begin levying a small millage.

What a screwed up set of priorities and lack of oversight.