Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Domas: Not Much to Do About the Economy

David Domas made one statement in a recent Livingston Press and Argus interview that shows he doesn't deserve re-election to the County Commission.

"While he see jobs as a big issue for the county, he said there's not a lot the county can do to get people working."

Domas advocates throwing up our hands and walking away from the problem, apparently. After 16 years on the board, he can't come up with a single idea to build the local economy.

How about a one-stop shop for new businesses? How about a strategy to promote local businesses? How about letting businesses know about programs that are available to help? Remember the $24 million in bonding available for local businesses that was made available under the federal recovery act that the commission didn't tell anybody about for weeks? And with Livingston County having the second highest foreclosure rate in southeast Michigan (behind only Wayne County), shouldn't the county have a program to help homeowners facing foreclosure? Did Domas participate in the New Economy Summit that the area Chambers of Commerce put together or did he decide that the situation is hopeless and stay home? How about improving our county website so it makes our county look like an attractive place to live and work, instead or presenting a website that looks like the inside of a phone book?

Dane Morris, the Democratic candidate who will face the winner of the GOP primary, has more ideas than either Domas or his primary opponent put together. When times are tough, voters look for alternatives and Dane is top-notch.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chuck Fellows Answers the Questions Others Haven't

Chuck Fellows, the Democratic candidate for the 22nd State Senate seat, tells poeple who is in special column by Rochelle Riley in the Detroit Free Press for Sunday (July 24, 2010).

Chuck talks about his early life, working at Ford Motor Co., raising kids, schools, and life.

Check it out!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Senate Candidate Fellows Shines in MIVote Interview

Effectiveness, balance, and common sense. That's what businessman and non-incumbent Chuck Fellows wants to bring to state government. Fellows is the Democratic nominee for the 22nd State Senate seat, which includes all of Livingston as well as Shiawassee counties and part of Ingham County.

Fellows has been on the sidelines while Republican extremist Joe Hune battles conservative Paul Rogers for the Republican nomination. Local media and debates have generally excluded Fellows from participation. But MIVote, a project of University of Michigan-Dearborn, and Detroit Public Television, believes voters should be informed about all the candidates and has offered each of them a chance to answer questions about key issues in the 2010 campaign in a 5-minute video.

Fellows lays out his views on the state's economy, education, and the state budget in his video, stressing that he would bring common sense and effectiveness to state government. Watch the video to see what he means by that:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Can't Buy Me Love

Today's Political Wire has a story about the RNC's money troubles and its impact on the November elections:
The chaos at the Republican National Committee threatens to cost Republicans the chance to take control of the House of Representatives, Republican strategists fear. [skip] The RNC, at the moment, is barely fulfilling the second function and has less than $10 million on hand, so it cannot help much with House races."
We learned about some of the RNC's wheeling and dealing right here in Michigan just a few months ago.

The good news is that Rep. Mike Rogers (MI-08), chair of the RNCC's Incumbent Retention Program, has been fighting to reverse this trend.
The NRCC will receive more than $1.8M in member pledges over the next month, the first infusion of an effort aimed at bringing in $20M for the midterms.
That's not good news for those of us who live in MI-08.

All the time Mr. Rogers spends raising $$ for his incumbent pals means less time spent taking care of constituents.

... then again, he hasn't really taken care of us since 2000.

Bottom line: money doesn't buy happiness -- or votes.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meet Garry Post at Fund-Raiser, Meet-and-Greets

The campaign of Garry Post for the 47th State House seat swings into high gear this week with three chances to get to know the Hamburg Township Democrat.

Supporters of Garry Post will host a fund-raiser for him on Sunday (July 25, 2010) from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the home of Mary Evergreen, 6065 Winans Dr., Hamburg Township. Suggested donation is $50. Come meet Garry, pick up a yard sign, and donate for a tee-shirt so you can be a walking billboard for Garry throughout the district!

Garry also will meet the public in two casual settings next week. On Wednesday (July 28, 2010), Garry will be at the All Star Coney Island, 934 S. Michigan Ave., Howell, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. And on Thursday (July 29, 2010), he will be at the Bloated Goat Saloon, 141 E. Grand River, Fowlerville, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

These are great chances to meet Garry and visit with him about his campaign as a political newcomer and businessman with 30 years' experience running against a Republican incumbent and political insider.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Should Either of These be Next State Senator? No, No, No Absolutely Not

Joe Hune will tell everybody that he's a social and fiscal conservative, but people have been telling me that Paul Rogers is a "moderate."

Don't believe it. Both these guys seeking the Republican nomination for the 22nd State Senate Senate are far to the right, based on their two appearances in forums this week -- one Tuesday (July 13, 2010) in Hamburg and one Thursday (July 15, 2010). Hune just panders more shamelessly than Rogers does.

Hune, for example, told the audience he had "heard" that the United Nations is preparing to take away Americans' Second Amendment rights. Rogers didn't go that far, but he matched Hune pander for pander on issues. For example:

--Both would vote for legislation to effectively overturn the voter-approved ballot measure allowing stem cell research.
--Both want Michigan to opt out of federal health care reform.
--Both oppose the smoking ban in bars and restaurants.

That's why the Democratic nominee, Chuck Fellows of Green Oak Township, is far and away the better candidate.

Hune set himself apart from Rogers by insisting he would shut down state government again rather than vote to raise taxes, while Rogers said raising taxes should be a last resort after looking for cuts.

Hune comes across as the type of inflexible ideologue who makes compromise -- and bipartisan cooperation -- impossible. For example, he calls taxes "stealing." Laws passed by a duly elected legislature and signed by a duly elected governor are not "stealing." And if taxes were "stealing," doesn't that mean that the nearly $80,000 salary Hune hopes to collect as a lawmaker is paid for with "stolen" money? Not to mention the money his mother was paid as a public school teacher for 30 years. And why is that OK?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hune Family on the 'Dole'?

Does Joe Hune think his family has been on the "dole"?

If you listened carefully to him during the candidate forum in Hamburg Township for candidates for the Republican nomination for the 22nd state Senate seat, it sure sounds like it.

At one point, Hune referred to public employees as being "on the dole," which actually is defined as a handout to the needy. At another point, he said that his mother was a teacher for 30 years in the Fowlerville schools and that his family members all worked for the local school system. So does that mean Hune thinks his mother's employment amounted to welfare payments?

And how about Hune himself? It's unclear what jobs he has had other than being a legislator, which of course means he himself was on the "dole," according to his definition.

And now he is anxious to get back on to the "dole," which he professes to hate.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You--Garry Post

Garry Post of Hamburg Township is bringing his campaign for State Rep for the 47th District to a place near you soon!

Post will meet and greet residents at Cleary's Pub, 117 E. Grand River Ave., in downtown Howell on Wednesday (July 14, 2010)) from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. And on Thursday (July 15, 2010), Garry will meet and greet voters at Docusen's Cafe in downtown Fowlerville, 141 S. Grand Ave., Fowlerville, from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

This is a chance for voters to meet Garry, ask questions, and learn more about his campaign as a businessman with 30 years of experience who wants to shake up the politicians in Lansing. Garry is unopposed for the Democratic nomination for the 47th House seat.

For more information, visit Garry's website.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Livingston Leads -- In Foreclosures!

Livingston County Commissioners will probably try to keep this a secret, but the all-Republilcan board has presided over a county that is second-highest in the region in foreclosures.

According to a report from the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, one in every 39 houses in Livingston County is in foreclosure. That's second only to Wayne County, where the ratio is one out of 34. WHMI had the story on Saturday (July 10, 2010). WHMI doesn't provide links to individual stories, but here is the link to the raw data from SEMCOG.

SEMCOG said while Wayne County's foreclosures likely were due to the decline in the state's manufacturing base. But in Livingston County, SEMCO blamed "overdevelopment."
Livingston County bragged about being the fastest growing county in the state from 2000 to 2009. And the Republicans on the county commission helped finance much of that overdevelopment, borrowing millions of dollars for improvements in new subdivisions that now sit half empty or worse. And guess who gets to pay the bill (now at $111 million) for all that "overdevelopment"?

The taxpayers, that's who.

That's Republican conservative values in action.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hartland Job Shuffle Looks Fishy

The way the Hartland Township trustees have filled the clerk's job without even taking applications looks pretty fishy.

Township Clerk Ann Ulrich resigned from the post after a dispute over a cemetery plot in which her mother was buried, although the plot actually belonged to someone else. A recall was in the works against her, so Ulrich threw in the towel.

So on the same day that Ulrich resigned, the board of trustees gave her job to fellow trustee Larry Hopkins. No temporary appointment, no applications from any one interested, just a $40,000 a year job handed over to one of their buddies on the board.

Democracy at work, at the hands of Republicans in Livingston County.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Garry Post for State House Yard Signs Now Available!

Be the first in your neighborhood to show your support for Garry Post's campaign for State House District 47!

Yard signs for Garry's campaign are now available at the office of the Livingston County Democratic Party, 10321 Grand River Road, Suite 600 of the Fonda Office Park, Brighton. Stop by after 10 a.m. Thursday or Friday this week to pick one up. Call (810) 229-4212 for weekly hours.

Garry is a businessman with 30 years' experience making his first run for public office. He promises to bring his business common sense to Lansing to help create a business-friendly environment in the state and to address the state's structural budget deficit.

The 47th district includes the townships of Cohoctah, Conway, Deerfield, Hamburg, Handy, Hartland, Howell, Iosco, Putnam, Tyrone, and Unadilla, most of the city of Howell, and that portion of Marion Township included within the city limits of Howell.

Visit Garry's website to find out more about his positions!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

County Passing the Buck on Lake Patrols

The Livingston County Commissioners brag a lot about having a low tax rate, but they don't tell you how they get that -- by passing the buck to the townships for services the county used to provide but doesn't any more.

Take lake patrols for example. The Livingston County sheriff's department used to patrol the county's many lakes, but this year it decided it couldn't do that anymore.

As WHMI reported recently (July 3, 2010), Hamburg Township has had to take over patrolling lakes because the Livingston County Sheriff's Department said it didn't have the money for it. Voters in the township approved a millage for expanded police protection awhile back, but now instead of expanding service, some of that money has to go to picking up the work that used to be done by the county.

Until the county commission passed the buck, so the Republican incumbents could brag about their low tax rate.

And it's not like lake patrols don't matter. People die on Michigan lakes every summer.