Sunday, July 11, 2010

Livingston Leads -- In Foreclosures!

Livingston County Commissioners will probably try to keep this a secret, but the all-Republilcan board has presided over a county that is second-highest in the region in foreclosures.

According to a report from the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, one in every 39 houses in Livingston County is in foreclosure. That's second only to Wayne County, where the ratio is one out of 34. WHMI had the story on Saturday (July 10, 2010). WHMI doesn't provide links to individual stories, but here is the link to the raw data from SEMCOG.

SEMCOG said while Wayne County's foreclosures likely were due to the decline in the state's manufacturing base. But in Livingston County, SEMCO blamed "overdevelopment."
Livingston County bragged about being the fastest growing county in the state from 2000 to 2009. And the Republicans on the county commission helped finance much of that overdevelopment, borrowing millions of dollars for improvements in new subdivisions that now sit half empty or worse. And guess who gets to pay the bill (now at $111 million) for all that "overdevelopment"?

The taxpayers, that's who.

That's Republican conservative values in action.

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