Saturday, July 17, 2010

Should Either of These be Next State Senator? No, No, No Absolutely Not

Joe Hune will tell everybody that he's a social and fiscal conservative, but people have been telling me that Paul Rogers is a "moderate."

Don't believe it. Both these guys seeking the Republican nomination for the 22nd State Senate Senate are far to the right, based on their two appearances in forums this week -- one Tuesday (July 13, 2010) in Hamburg and one Thursday (July 15, 2010). Hune just panders more shamelessly than Rogers does.

Hune, for example, told the audience he had "heard" that the United Nations is preparing to take away Americans' Second Amendment rights. Rogers didn't go that far, but he matched Hune pander for pander on issues. For example:

--Both would vote for legislation to effectively overturn the voter-approved ballot measure allowing stem cell research.
--Both want Michigan to opt out of federal health care reform.
--Both oppose the smoking ban in bars and restaurants.

That's why the Democratic nominee, Chuck Fellows of Green Oak Township, is far and away the better candidate.

Hune set himself apart from Rogers by insisting he would shut down state government again rather than vote to raise taxes, while Rogers said raising taxes should be a last resort after looking for cuts.

Hune comes across as the type of inflexible ideologue who makes compromise -- and bipartisan cooperation -- impossible. For example, he calls taxes "stealing." Laws passed by a duly elected legislature and signed by a duly elected governor are not "stealing." And if taxes were "stealing," doesn't that mean that the nearly $80,000 salary Hune hopes to collect as a lawmaker is paid for with "stolen" money? Not to mention the money his mother was paid as a public school teacher for 30 years. And why is that OK?

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