Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hune Family on the 'Dole'?

Does Joe Hune think his family has been on the "dole"?

If you listened carefully to him during the candidate forum in Hamburg Township for candidates for the Republican nomination for the 22nd state Senate seat, it sure sounds like it.

At one point, Hune referred to public employees as being "on the dole," which actually is defined as a handout to the needy. At another point, he said that his mother was a teacher for 30 years in the Fowlerville schools and that his family members all worked for the local school system. So does that mean Hune thinks his mother's employment amounted to welfare payments?

And how about Hune himself? It's unclear what jobs he has had other than being a legislator, which of course means he himself was on the "dole," according to his definition.

And now he is anxious to get back on to the "dole," which he professes to hate.

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Mike G said...

Hune's mother was not a teacher. She was a special education para-professional, and may have served in other capacities, but she was never a teacher. Several of his extended family members have also worked in the Fowlerville schools, and I believe his brother is a teacher on the west side of the state.