Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Domas: Not Much to Do About the Economy

David Domas made one statement in a recent Livingston Press and Argus interview that shows he doesn't deserve re-election to the County Commission.

"While he see jobs as a big issue for the county, he said there's not a lot the county can do to get people working."

Domas advocates throwing up our hands and walking away from the problem, apparently. After 16 years on the board, he can't come up with a single idea to build the local economy.

How about a one-stop shop for new businesses? How about a strategy to promote local businesses? How about letting businesses know about programs that are available to help? Remember the $24 million in bonding available for local businesses that was made available under the federal recovery act that the commission didn't tell anybody about for weeks? And with Livingston County having the second highest foreclosure rate in southeast Michigan (behind only Wayne County), shouldn't the county have a program to help homeowners facing foreclosure? Did Domas participate in the New Economy Summit that the area Chambers of Commerce put together or did he decide that the situation is hopeless and stay home? How about improving our county website so it makes our county look like an attractive place to live and work, instead or presenting a website that looks like the inside of a phone book?

Dane Morris, the Democratic candidate who will face the winner of the GOP primary, has more ideas than either Domas or his primary opponent put together. When times are tough, voters look for alternatives and Dane is top-notch.

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