Friday, July 19, 2013

Local Dem Working on Documentary on Mining and Threats to Water

If you live in Michigan, you know about the Great Lakes. You know that they hold 21 percent of the earth's fresh surface water.You know they're precious and special and need to be protected.

But maybe you didn't know that mining companies pose a huge threat to their continued purity.

A Livingston County Democrat is out to change that. Shana Burns is producing a documentary on the threats to the Great Lakes posed by hard rock mining in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Called Trust, the documentary is a feature-length documentary that looks at water, the treaty rights of Native American tribes, and politics. The film raises the alarm about the more than 40 active mines and exploration sites in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Many are located on tribal land, posing a threat to the subsistence lifestyles still practiced by many native peoples.

Shana has produced a trailer for the film and is raising money to continue the project.

Find out more about it here: