Friday, May 1, 2009

Everybody Needs an Editor

We all make mistakes, bloggers included. To err is human, and all that.

Newspapers have always prided themselves on being superior to bloggers because they have editors. (Actually, plenty of blogs have editors, too.)

But the editors may have been busy elsewhere at the Livingston Press and Argus when its editorial noted in an article for Friday (May 1, 2009), that the Brighton Area School district is running a deficit "despite having the highest per-pupil funding in the state."

The highest? Higher than the Grosse Pointes?

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kevins said...

You are right. And it looks as though the newspaper has owned up to the mistake on its web site.

It said it intended to say Brighton had the highest funding in the county, not the state.

I don't believe, however, that the error in any way changes to point of the editorial, as I read it.

Speaking of errors, I note the vice president said yesterday that no one should travel in confined spaces such as planes or subways. There was a lot of scrambling to undo what he said. Perhaps Biden could use an editor...what do you think?