Friday, May 22, 2009

Pure Michigan Ads Purely Wonderful

I started noticing the Pure Michigan ads several weeks ago and I don't know if I've seen every one yet, but so far they are the best state advertising collection I've ever seen.

They convey a real sense of peace so different from most advertising. And the narrator's voice is perfect. He makes me stop what I'm doing and pay attention, and then suddenly I realize it's an ad about Michigan. The scenery is magnificent.

Now we need some great Michigan summer weather to entice people to come and enjoy.


scottchicago said...

The narrator is Cliff Robertson. His deep, resonant voice is a perfect addition to the Pure Michigan campaign.

JJCusmano said...

The voice is Tim Allen - not Cliff Robertson.

Jeffry Pilcher said...

I thought it was Robert Redford, but it is indeed Tim Allen.