Thursday, March 25, 2010

130 Student Kindergarten in Al Aqaba, still no valid building permit issued!

No kindergarten, but 1,600 homes?March 25, 2010 In the March 15 article “Israeli leader regrets U.S. flap,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he told his Cabinet that he was sorry about the diplomatic fiasco with the United States. What he did not say is that he is sorry that his government is planning on building 1,600 homes for Israelis in eastern Jerusalem, which is against international law.The Palestinian town of Al Aqaba in the West Bank has a 130-student kindergarten with demolition orders against it. The Israeli Supreme Court ruled in April 2008 that it could not lift the demolition orders due to the lack of a valid building permit. Through The Rebuilding Alliance,, we have been trying to get a valid building permit ever since. The United States needs to stop sending $3 billion of our tax dollars each year to the Israeli government. Maybe then, the Israeli government will realize that there won’t be peace or security for any of the area’s children until they treat all the area’s children equally. Why can’t this kindergarten have one building permit if the Israeli government is giving out 1,600 illegal ones?Mares and Chuck HirchertHartland Township

Published in the Livingston Cty Press & Argus, March 25, 2010

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Anon said...

Seriously, why do you let Mares blog about this rabid anti-Israel stuff all the time? I know it's just her opinion, but putting it on the Democrats' blog gives the impression that the Livingston County Dems are putting their stamp of approval on this. This is really hurting the party's image and credibility.