Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More of that Nasty Stimulus Money Coming to Livingston County

Our local lawmaker voted against it -- twice.

But the Livingston County Commission has its hands out for some of that stimulus money that Rep. Mike Rogers tried to stop.

WHMI reported March 11 that the county commission passed a resolution authorizing the county to issue up to $40 million in bonds for municipal, commercial, and industrial projects. The federal government will pay up to 45 percent of the interest on the bonds. About $15 million will be set aside for municipal projects including road and sewer work, while the balance will be preserved for private sector projects.

Why are the Republicans on the Livingston County Commission voting to take stimulus funds if their party opposes the stimulus package? Isn't that just a little dishonest?

Of course, Rogers himself has been more than a little hypocritical on the subject himself. After voting against the stimulus package twice, he signed a letter to Ed Montgomery, director of Recovery of Auto Workers and Communities, saying that stimulus bill provisions expanding employment insurance, health care, training, weatherization, and education were "important first steps for individuals and their families."

A first step that Mike Rogers didn't want them to have.

Just like he didn't want Livingston County to have the $40 million in bonds our local Republican leaders are snatching up.

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