Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thank You Democrats

Good to see taxes are healing peopleMarch 28, 2010 I'm disappointed that 8th Congressional District Rep. Mike Rogers voted against health-care reform. His ideology of treating health care as a business instead of a right is consistent with his business mentality. He reported on the Iraq war the same way, commenting that the war was going well because business was good when he visited there.I feel better today living in America because of the courage of the 219 Democrats who voted to use their political capital to bring health care rather than warfare to our country. We've spent over $737 billion in the last nine years killing/hurting people. It feels good to finally see our taxes go to healing and helping people.My thanks to the 219 who voted March 21 to pass this historic legislation that will start our country on the path to joining the other industrialized nations who provide universal health care coverage to their citizens.Thirty-two million is a good beginning. I hope the Republicans and independents will work with the Democrats to eventually pass legislation to cover everyone.Mares HirchertHartland Township

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