Monday, March 22, 2010

Congratulations to Dedicated Supporters of Health Care

Congratulations to all those who stayed the course and worked for health care reform even though it wasn't exactly what you wanted passed. Today I am ethusiastic about living in America-we are making the first steps in joining the other industrialized countries that have universal health care coverage for their citizens. I am proud of the 219 Democratic members of the House who voted for this measure that will benefit 32 million more of our fellow Americans who currently don't have any health insurance. We've spent almost 737 Billion dollars on WAR in the last 9 years, today I'm grateful to be spending on bringing HEALING and HEALTH to our country. I'm proud that the Democrats got it done, I wish the Republicans and Independents had joined them. Going forward I hope that Congress will work together to bring universal health care to our country-that would bring the best security to families who deal with sickness and suffering daily.

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