Friday, February 22, 2013


To all Genoa Township Democrats and to all Republicans who oppose wasting money:

The Genoa Township board voted (on February 18th) for a $5 million (really $6 million ) wastewater pipeline bond. But we can still stop it by signing a petition requiring a vote before the bond is issued.  10 percent of voters (1,600 of 16,000) must sign the petition to stop the bond.

We should spend our money for improved water quality, not on the wastewater pipeline!

This bond is for a $5 million dollar pipeline plus $1 million in improvements to the Genoa Oceola wastewater plant ($6 million total) to handle the new inflow from the Oak Point wastewater plant - which is slated to be shut down (but can be saved and improved). Salt from household softeners is going into the plant settling pond and then into groundwater causing a plume of salted groundwater south of the plant.  The State has a standard that the plant wastewater must be below 150mg/l.  The township wants a 5 mile pipeline to redirect the wastewater all the way to the Genoa Oceola plant.

Better, and cheaper is to provide households connected to the OakPoint water delivery system (1,000 households) with softened water so they do not need to use water softeners thus saving all of the cost and difficulty of using salt and reducing the salt flow into the wastewater plant to within State limits.

Households connected to the wastewater system in the Tri lakes area who are on wells (400 residents) can use potassium or switch (when their system gets old) to the new no-salt water conditioning systems. (No more salt or potassium bags to buy and lug home!).  Buying potassium is still cheaper than the cost of the pipeline bond ($240 a year vs $360 a year - $300 for the bond plus $60 for salt) and the no salt systems at $2,400 are way cheaper than the $4,300 full cost of the 5 mile pipeline! (1,400 residents paying $6 million dollars).

No Pipeline Bond!
Use our money for better water, not a wasteful wastewater pipeline!
Cut the salt, improve our water quality!
Save the Oak Point wastewater plant!

The township has petitions, or I have petitions you can sign and pass around calling for a vote on this before the bond can be approved.

If you have questions or want to sign or circulate petitions, contact me for details
Jim Delcamp

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