Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hune's Quarter of a Million-Dollar Legislative Campaign

Livingston County is a county where everyone always votes Republican, we are told over and over again, so why did Joe Hune close in on spending a quarter of a million dollars in his state Senate campaign?

That's right, nearly a quarter of a million dollars -- or $222,196 to be exact. That's according to Hune's latest report filed with the Michigan Secretary of State's office. The Livingston Press and Argus Tuesday (January 4, 2011) claimed Hune had only spent about half that amount - $116,000. But Hune's final report shows the figure is much greater. You can look it up.

Hune raised even more than he spent -- a total of $298,400, leaving him with a big chunk of cash on hand for four years from now.

Hune's Democratic opponent, Chuck Fellows, spent about $10,000. Yet Hune kept going to insurance company and farming political action committees with his hand out, seeking more and more money to run in what we are told is a safe Republican district against an under-funded opponent. Is that the way a fiscal conservative handles finances? Why couldn't Hune just say , "No, No, No" to all that money?

Hune says there was no quid pro quo in exchange for all the cash his campaign raked in. Of course not. Hune's donors are professionals. They give money in exchange for favors routinely and they know how to do it to and stay within the law. What is expected of Hune is understood automatically, sealed with a wink and a nod, or maybe an artfully worded questionnaire.

While Hune grabs all the money from big financial interests, he keeps the home folks distracted with his ultra-right wing statements about illegal immigrants and the U.N. coming to take away your guns. That way, the folks at home won't notice that he plans to sell them down the river with votes in favor of big money interests against their economic interests. But, boy, they won't have to worry about the U.N. taking away their guns. Because by the time Hune and his cronies get done fleecing us, we won't be able to afford guns anymore.

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