Friday, January 21, 2011

Item Pricing Repeal -- Who Will Get the Savings?

I happen to be a fan of item pricing. I use it religiously. I like to know how much an item costs, even after I get home and put it on my shelf. I like to know how much I'm spending per ounce -- is the bigger box really the better value? Is this store cheaper than that other one?

I guess it was the way I was raised, by parents who never forgot the lessons of the Great Depression and taught me how to shop for value, not just low prices. I used to clip coupons regularly, organizing them by category and sorting through them before grocery shopping. But they have become mostly promotional gimmicks used to entice us to buy highly-processed foods that are high cost and low nutrition.

So I rely on item pricing even more. Now businesses are renewing their push to get rid of it in the guise of saving money. Who gets the billions in savings they claim will result? Will it be reflected in lower prices? Who is promising that?


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