Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Now We Know What 'Shared Sacrifice' Looks Like

It's becoming clear what "shared sacrifice" is going to look like in Republican Rick Snyder's administration -- a 25 percent raise for managers.

The Detroit Free Press reported Tuesday (January 4, 2011) that Snyder had hired Michael Finney to run the Michigan Economic Development Corporation at an annual salary of $250,000 -- 25 percent more than the $200,000 Gov. Jennifer Granholm had paid his predecessor. And Finney gets 18 percent of his salary on top of that for deferred compensation.

But Finney is still making a "sacrifice" because he was paid $259,000 a year in his private sector job.

Where is the additional $50,000 going to come from in a time of state budget deficits? Out of the hides of the secretaries, administrative assistants, data crunchers, and other employees of state government. They'll be doing the sacrificing and Finney will share in the proceeds.

I get it now.

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kevins said...

Since you are comparing salaries, I'm surprised you didn't mention how much Snyder's spouse is making compared to Granholm's spouse.

And perhaps you will compare Snyder's salary to Granholm's salary.