Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Things I Would LIke to Know After the Tucson Shooting

There are some things I would like to know after the shooting deaths of six people and the attempted assassination of a member of Congress on Saturday (Jan. 8, 2011).

What was the name of the person who sold the gun to this deranged person and how does he or she feel now? How did the shooter act when he was purchasing the gun?

The accused apparently lived with his parents. What attempts did they make to get mental health care for him after he was dismissed from college classes due to his mental imbalance? Were they unable to afford mental health care, was free care unavailable, did he refuse care, or did they think it was unnecessary? Encouraging mentally ill people, if he was indeed mentally ill, to get care is often difficult, but I'd like to know what attempts were made.

What were his sources of information about the world? His rhetoric includes much talk of unconstitutionality and the gold standard, the former part of the far-right Republican Party rhetoric of today while talk about gold is common on Glenn Beck's show.

Does Sarah Palin regret putting cross-hairs on the congresswoman's district? Will she do it again?

How do other members of Congress feel about having town hall meetings now? Will they continue to do so? How will this affect our democracy?

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