Monday, January 31, 2011

Livingston County Looking for a Hand Out

Livingston County officials rail against taxes and federal officials every chance they get. But when they want something, the first place they look is to Washington, D.C., for a handout.

The latest example is the road commission, which is complaining that there won't be any funds from the big, bad federal government for more road projects.

How can there be more money for road projects when no one is willing to raise taxes, especially the Republicans Livingston County continually elects and re-elects?

The county is discounting the big favor the federal government is doing Michigan by allowing it to count Canadian contributions for a new bridge over the Detroit River to Canada as matching funds from the state of Michigan for federal highway dollars.

That, in effect, means that Livingston County will benefit from money from a foreign government because it is so anti-U.S. government.

Pretty pathetic when we are taking hand-outs from foreign governments because we are too cheap to fund our own government properly.

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