Saturday, April 2, 2011

GOP, Snyder Misdirection Hides Who REALLY Is Overpaid in This Economy

Rick Snyder and his fellow Republicans have been so busy attacking public employees like police officers, firefighters, and teachers for making too much money and failing to make any sacrifices during the economic downtown that the public is missing the real scandal.

Let's look at some facts. The public sector -- that's government -- has been shedding jobs for months, even as the private sector has been adding them. Take a look at the most recent jobs report.

"Overall, the private sector added 230,000 jobs. But local governments continued to struggle, shedding 14,000 jobs in March. Still, that was a major improvement over the 46,000 government jobs lost in February."

So the Republicans are lying when they say government is growing and public employees are insulated from bad economic times. It's just not true.

Meanwhile, the state of Michigan is having to pay millions to a consulting firm because the salaries it pays computer specialists are too low -- $12,000 less than the jobs they can get in the private sector. The state doesn't even bother advertising for them anymore because the pay gap is so great.

This only makes sense in Rick Snyder's world, where Michigan wastes money by overpaying a private company rather than pay a competitive wage to state employees because state employees are "overpaid."

But by using false accusations to keep the focus on public employees, Snyder and Republicans divert attention from the people who are really being overpaid -- CEOs.

Just look at the 27 percent increase in CEO pay during 2010.

Those aren't the people being asked to share in any of the sacrifices Rick Snyder proposes.

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