Friday, April 22, 2011

Quran-Burning Pastor Shoots Off More than His Mouth

Florida Pastor Terry Jones really knows how to pour gasoline on a fire.

He's already overseen a stunt in which the Quran was set on fire, leading to riots in the Middle East, including one in Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of two United Nations workers.

Now he is in Michigan with plans to hold a rally because he is under the delusion that the city of Dearborn is threatened by Sharia law, that this community with establishments selling liquor, pork processing plants, and a mayor with an Irish name is somehow under the total control of Muslims.

Jones is in the spotlight of a media storm as the city is in court trying to redirect his rally away from a spot in front of a mosque and into a free speech zone and to require him to post a bond for security.

So into this tinder=box of emotions, what does Pastor Jones do? He lets his gun go off. He told Southfield police that it was an accident and that it happened after he had been up since 4:30 a.m. In other words, he was tired.

Yeah, that's right. This guy was so irresponsible that he almost shot himself in the foot. Just the kind of thing that needs to happen in the middle of a tense situation, like say an anti-Muslim rally in front of a mosque.

Let's hope Jones is able to get a nap before tonight's rally. This guy is bad enough when he's wide awake.

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