Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yes, It Is Ideological

Rick Snyder is trying so hard to convince Michigan residents that he is planning to tax senior citizens and poor people in order to wipe out business taxes for almost all Michigan residents isn't "ideological."

According to the Detroit Free Press:

"He shows zero interest in picking ideological fights nor does he spend time pandering."


You mean, Snyder doesn't believe it's better to tax old people and poor people than tax business? Of course he does. That's why he proposed it. If he believes it, that is his ideology. And taxing lower income people while letting rich people and businesses get all the breaks is classic Republican Party ideology these days.

What about his measure that lets farmers regulate their own pollution? Isn't being anti-environmental clean-up classic Republican Party ideology these days?

What about getting rid of the law that says businesses have to tell consumers what they are being charged for the items they buy, which Snyder repealed? Isn't getting rid of government regulation classic Republican Party ideology these days?

What about squeezing teachers and public employees through cuts in school aid and revenue sharing to local governments, running around the state telling all the fawning media that will listen that they don't pay their fair share for health insurance, that if our communities go broke it's going to be the unions fault? Isn't that classic Republican Party ideology these days?

Snyder doesn't like being compared to Republican thugs like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. He hasn't called police "idiots" yet like Kasich did. Snyder has too much finesse for that. But he shares exactly the same ideology as they do -- despite the way the Free Press reporters portray him.

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