Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some People Find It Easier to be 'Positive'

Rick Snyder has some guts.

Since taking office, he has done nothing but beat up on teachers, police, firefighters, prison guards, and other people we hire to do the public's business.
In his spare time, he beats up on poor people and retired people who worked all their lives and now are drawing a pension. And then he squeezes in a little extra time to cut off unemployment benefits for people out of work more than 20 weeks. That will include the hundreds of people who will lose their jobs at retail stores due to his repeal of the item pricing law that lets people know the price of what it is they are buying.

And now he has the nerve to tell us that Michigan's problem is that we aren't "positive" enough.

Here's what he told the Lansing State Journal:

"Snyder said a key problem in the state has been a negative, self-defeating attitude that doesn't champion the state's strengths. As a result, he said, he's been spending much of his time pushing his 'relentlessly positive' message to overcome that."

Yeah, I guess if you've been out of work, had your house foreclosed on, and seen your unemployment benefits run out, you might have a little bit of a negative attitude.

But if you're a multi-millionaire living in a huge house in Ann Arbor, totally insulated from any economic problems and immune from any of the tax increases you are proposing for other people, you might find it a little bit easier to be "relentlessly positive."

Or you might just be out of touch.

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