Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mike Rogers Knows Better Than This, Doesn't He?

Mike Rogers has been in Congress for a decade now, so we can assume that he knows how a bill becomes a law, even though he has succeeded in pushing through few major pieces of legislation himself.

But he should have figured out how the process works just by watching other people do it.

So it's disappointing that he voted for a measure that so blatantly violates the U.S. Constitution -- the preposterously named "Government Shutdown Prevention Act."

The bill claims that if the Senate fails to pass a bill to keep the government running, the version already passed by the House would automatically become law.

This, of course, is contrary to the Constitution, which Republicans like Mike Rogers told the tea baggers they love so much.

Surely Mike Rogers knows the House just can't pass a measure and declare it law without the Senate passing the identical bill and the president signing it. Does he think Michigan voters are so stupid that they don't know how a bill becomes a law? Does he think Michigan voters just wouldn't notice? Is he counting on the news media being so lazy that they won't bother to point out what he did? (Always a good bet, BTW.)

Mike Rogers' vote is an utter lie and a massive insult to Michigan voters.

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Honkey Honkey Honkey said...

How about the Democrats as a whole just STFU? They had their opportunity to pass the budget for this year and they ran from it like the little girls they are.