Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dick Morris In My Living Room

Rick Snyder has taken time off from taxing poor people and old people and stealing money from local schools to tell local Republican parties in Michigan whom they should have as guest speakers.

Snyder didn't like the idea that pollster and Fox News contributor Dick Morris was going to speak at an event he was attending so somehow Morris got uninvited.

The rest of us, however, have to put up with Dick Morris not just at a fund-raising event, but in our living rooms. Morris is starring in robo-calls to Michigan voters masquerading as a presidential poll. In reality, the poll is nothing more than a gimmick to ask people to donate $200 to something called the "Presidential Coalition for America."

At the start of the call, Morris tells the listener that "solid conservatives" and "Tea Party members" like them are needed to "stop Obama." And if the listener would just donate $100 or $200, they will receive a signed copy of Morris' latest book and have their name added to a newspaper ad attacking President Obama. Then the listener is invited to name the conservative leaders best able to lead the country. No list is provided and that seems to limit the usefulness of the poll for gauging support for this cycle's GOP presidential wanna-bes. According to the coalition's website, "other" topped the list, followed by Ronald Reagan, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, and Donald Trump. And three of those four are now unavailable for various reasons.

But the real purpose of the "poll" is to raise money, so when someone calling herself Michelle Jenkins from the coalition came on the line, her job was to get my conservative blood boiling by attacking Obama's "socialist agenda."

Somehow, I found Jenkins' script unconvincing so when she asked for my presidential choice I said no conservative leader was capable of restoring our country and that I thought President Obama was doing an excellent job. He had taken care of Osama bin Laden, restored the auto industry and created thousands of jobs right here in Michigan, demonstrated by the fact that Chrysler was repaying its federal loans that very day.

Michelle was very quiet as I calmly laid out Obama's accomplishments and she realized she wouldn't be making a sale on this phone call.

I don't know how many other Michigan residents will have Dick Morris inflicted on them in coming weeks as he tries to unload copies of his book and raise money. But I suggest rather than hanging up, any Democrats who get such calls spend as much time as possible telling the Presidential Coalition exactly what President Obama has done for this state.

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