Thursday, May 26, 2011

No More Excuses -- It's Time to Hire

OK, Michiganj businesses, you got your way. Now it's time to give Michigan residents want they want -- jobs.

Rick Snyder Wednesday signed into law huge tax increases for Michigan senior citizens and the poor in order to pay for eliminating taxes on most businesses. Rick Snyder promises that will create jobs, although he won't say how many or when.

So now it's time for customers of all those tax-free Michigan businesses to demand the jobs. From now on, if you have to wait too long to be served at your local restaurant, ask to see the manager and demand he or she hire more wait staff and kitchen help with his tax savings.

Standing 15 minutes in the check-out lane at the grocery store? March to the customer service counter, ask to talk to the manager, and tell him or her you want more check out lanes opened with some of that $1.7 billion in tax cuts.

Can't find anyone to wait on you at your favorite department store? Do the same thing -- complain and demand they hire more people.

After all, they promised us jobs and we're paying for those jobs through our taxes on pensions, lost tax credits for charitable donations, cuts to the Earned Income Tax Credit, and so on.

It's time consumers get what we paid for.

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