Friday, May 27, 2011

Rogers Clueless on What He Did to Public Education

Republican Rep. Bill Rogers just stole $470 from the futures of every student in Livingston County and he doesn't even understand what he has done.

As the Livingston Press and Argus notes that the county will now have not one, but two, school districts in deficit due to the Rick Snyder-Bill Rogers budget, Rogers told school districts it was basically their own fault.

They already got a $170 per pupil cut last year so they should have planned for that and therefore it's no big deal to accept another $300 per pupil cut, Rogers told the newspaper.


Rogers was responding to the news that Pinckney Community Schools would have to lay off 26 teachers to live within the budget passed by Rogers and signed by Snyder. The school district can't offer the classes students need without those 26 teachers -- because it already cut 19 teachers last year.

How exactly would a school district plan to get by with 26 fewer teachers -- tell students they can't come to Pinckney schools? Put 100 students in a classroom? Just not teach third grade? Drop all math classes?

Pinckney is not alone. Brighton Community schools expected to be out of deficit this year, but Rogers voted to keep them in the hole with the big cuts. Fowlerville schools laid off 12 people from its classrooms.

Come on, Bill, what exactly is your solution? "Planning ahead" is not a solution. It is a meaningless phrase.

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