Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Everybody Likes a Sale

I went shopping for clothes recently and the minute I entered the store, a rack labeled "50 perfect off" caught my eye and drew me like a magnet.

It's the same when I buy groceries. Somehow the items that are on sale find their way into my cart, regardless of what was originally on my list.

Judging by the television ads touting Kroeger's sales and the newspaper circulars that arrive on Sunday, I'm not alone.

Everybody loves a sale. From time to time, stores try to buck that discounting by offering "lowest prices all the time," but somehow that never seems to last.

So I wonder how Rick Snyder's approach to selling the state of Michigan to business prospects is going to work. How can Michigan get anyone's attention with its "lowest prices all the time" approach while all the other states are offering tax credits targeting specific businesses or activities?

The reality may be starting to dawn on Snyder's administration. It has gone from promising that eliminating taxes on businesses (and shifting the burden to poor people and old people) would create jobs, to saying that they can't "quantify" how many jobs it will produce.

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