Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trump Not in Same Humor League as Obama

Donald Trump didn't get a chance at the podium at the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night, but his mere presence in the audience spoke volumes about what kind of president he would be.

President Obama poked fun at himself and the First Lady, and they both laughed when Seth Miller of "Saturday Night Live" made jokes at their expense.

The Donald, however, was stone-faced throughout the evening as both Obama and Miller needled him. Obama praised Trump's credentials and breadth of experience, referring to a recent episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" in which Trump had to decide whom to fire when steaks weren't cooked properly. "These are the kinds of decisions that would keep me up at night," Obama said.

Trump also didn't laugh when Miller cracked that he was surprised to hear that Trump was running for president as a Republican. "I thought he was running as a joke," Miller said.

Trump got a little taste of his own medicine and it's clear he can dish it out but he can't take it. Wait until he gets into a real campaign (if he does).

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Donna said...

One of the funniest was Seth Myers talking about Trump's relationship with Fox News and Trump wearing the fox on his head. What a great word picture.