Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cleary Should Decline the Earmark Money

If Cleary University President Tom Sullivan really believes what he says his school teaches, he would turn down the $813,750 in taxpayers' dollars that Rep. Mike Rogers secured for him in the Omnibus Budget bill.

On the university's webpage, Cleary writes, "I am especially proud to be affiliated with Cleary University, an institution committed to teaching the American free market economic system, ethical business practices, and leadership skills. Our alumni include small business owners, Fortune 500 executives, mid- and senior-level managers - all solid performers who contribute each day to the promise of America."

If Sullivan really believes in the "American free market economic system" and "ethical business practices," why is he accepting tax dollars? Shouldn't the school be able to make it on its own? Is it an "ethical business practice" for Cleary to say one thing (free market principles!) and do another (feed at the public trough every chance you get)? What sort of example does that set for the "Fortune 500executives" that are supposedly being trained at Cleary?

It seems to me that if the Cleary "Fortune 500 executives" are so successful as a result of their education at Cleary, they ought to be able to chip in enough to pay for the new furnace for the racquetball and basketball courts at the school. After all, if they can afford to pay $150 a head to attend the May 2 fund-raiser at the school, certainly they can pony up a few bucks more for the "geothermal heat pump." That, BTW, sounds really grand until you realize geothermal heat pumps have been around since the 1940s.

And as for the $100,000 for the business incubator, again, free market principles should apply. Turn down the money and show the world how free market principles work so well in the real world. And let the alumni make donations to pay tuition for people who want their kids to go to Cleary while they are still in high school, which is the "dual enrollment" program Cleary is getting $238,000 for.

Cleary should put his mouth where our money is -- turn down the earmarks and go it alone.


Anonymous said...

Have you contacted Sens. Levin and Stabenow to express your displeasure that they sponsored earmarks for Cleary? Or is it only a sin if it's done by a Republican?

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

So no one who believes in the free market system should accept government money?

Have you changed your mind since you criticized southern senators for opposing GM/Chrsyler money? I assume GM believes in free market are you saying now it should get no government money?

Also, after reading the above post, I also wonder: Are you okay with Stabenow and Levin sending money to Cleary?

Or is this still another tired episode of: Everything a Republican does is wrong; everthing a Democrat does is right...even when it's the same thing.

Anonymous said...

How about this? Maybe Cleary will decline the money when Chris Dodd pays back the sweetheart mortgages he got in exchange for helping out Countryside.