Friday, March 20, 2009

What? No give-backs from Livingston's House Members?

Winner take all. Apparently that's the attitude of Livingston County's two House members when it comes to their salaries.

Neither of Livingston County's two Republican representatives -- Bill Rogers or Cindy Denby -- has volunteered to give a portion of his or her legislative salary back to the taxpayers.

That's according to a check done by The Associated Press. Gov. Jennifer Granholm has been returning part of her pay for years, and lawmakers are supposed to take a 10 percent pay cut in 2010.

But you'd think our fiscal conservative Republican lawmakers would want to help out the taxpayers a little bit. Isn't that what happens in private industry when times get tough -- management takes a pay cut right along with the rank and file? And aren't we supposed to be running government like a business?


kevins said...

Odd that you didn't brag about all the pay given back by Stabenow and Levin. Maybe they aren't aware that the federal budget is not balanced.

While you are in such a hurry to blindly bash Republicans, you might want to research and see how much money that Sen. Valde Garcia gives back each year. Compare that to your free-spending Democratic idols.

Anon said...

Um, Judy ... one question:

Please tell me how much Lt. Gov. John Cherry has given back.

I wouldn't have brought up this topic if I were you.