Friday, March 27, 2009

Summer's Coming: Time for Flip-Flops!

Jim Morin/Slate Magazine

Stop on by Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood and check out his fashionable new flip-flops.


kevins said...

Do you guys obsess about Mike Rogers?

You are so willing to criticize him that you put up a false statement that claimed he wrongly took a tax break for his D.C. residence.

Have you done any research to see how that mistake happened? Both politico and roll call got it right, so how did your poster somehow change Mike Rogers, Alabama, to Mike Rogers, Michigan. Sure seems shady.

Or don't you mind lies as long as it serves to criticize Mike? Will you continue to post links from suspect sources?

The homestead exemption is wrong, even though it amounts to only a few hundred dollars. But it is still wrong. But I wonder about your priorities. You couldn't wait to criticize Rogers with what turned out to be an inaccurate defamation.

Where was your outrage when Democrat appointee after Democrat appointee was exposed for six-figure cheating on income taxes? Why was a relatively minor tax scam so much more important to you that a much more major...and scandal?

You make it clear that the good of the county, the state or the nation is not that important to you. You see everything -- including right and wrong -- through a partisan lens.

Since you demand so much of others, how about meeting this demand? Explain how the unfair attack on Mike Rogers, Michigan, came about? Did someone intentionally do it? Sure seems that way.

Donna said...

No, it was not intentionally done. Politico had it posted first as Mike Rogers, Michigan. It corrected itself a couple of hours later but never posted a correction so people like you would know it.

When the local media starts covering Mike Rogers honestly and completely, then we can go on to other subjects.

Why is it that the Republic party which has had no opposition here for years suddenly accuses Democratic party of partisanship? Doesn't it make sense to you that a "party" is partisanship? Otherwise, why bother?

kevins said...

But are you saying that partisanship must mean lies and dishonesty?

I disagree with your posts. That doesn't make me a Republican. I'm an American. I detest lies.

This site posted something erroneously about Mike Rogers. That has nothing whatsover to do with the local media. Besides, you make it clear that you do not want fair coverage of Mike; you want distorted, critical coverage of him. that's your partisan take and it makes your weary whining irrelevant.

But it's nice to know that you pretty much concede that the information posted here is not to be believed. After all, it's partisan so it doesn't have to be accurate.

Donna said...

Aaargh! No I didn't say being partisan meant lies and dishonesty. We make one mistake and do the honest thing and correct it.If we were lying and dishonest, we wouldn't bother with corrections.

We do want critical coverage of Rogers but not distorted. When we criticize him, it's the truth to the best of our ability.