Saturday, March 21, 2009

Possible GOP Candidate Takes to Airways -- Selling Pizza

Looks one of the possible candidates for the GOP nomination for governor in 2010 is trying to make himself a household name in advance of the 2010 elections -- by selling pizzas on TV for his company.

The Conservative Media has the story.


kevins said...

Gosh. How horrible. What if the guy produces advertisements that increase sales and make his company more successful, thereby securing existing jobs and creating new ones.

Can't have that. That would be just terrible. I know. Maybe we can turn pizza making into a state government function. Then taxpayers could pay for pizza making.

You guys love to spend taxpayer money. Do you ever stop and think where that money comes from? It comes from businesses that succeed, hire people and produce products that people buy.

I for one don't think Brandon is going to run for office. I always thought he would, but now I don't. Too bad; he might be a good governor.

But for now he's trying to run a successful business...and Democrats think that is a bad idea. And you wonder why the state government is in such bad shape?

Communications guru said...

The aim isn’t to increase sales, brett; it’s to increase his name recognition. Even if it was, any increased profits are going into Brandon’s pocket. Employees don’t make enough to even live on, but this guy is the second highest paid CEO in Michigan. Hell, he even makes more than the CEO of General Motors.

You can think all you want that Brandon isn’t going to run for office, brett, but you would be wrong again. He hasn’t even ruled out a run for Governor.

No one said “trying to run a successful business” is a bad thing. Using the bailout to sell pizzas and talking about “Wall Street fat cats” when he supports the politicians who created the mess is the height of hypocrisy.

State government is in such bad shape because of the polices of the Bush administration and people like Brandon supporting those policies.

kevins said...

To LivingBlue...are you going to allow communicationsguru to lie about me? He calls me Brett. I am not Brett. I have no idea who Brett is. If I am Brett, I will donate $2,000 immediately to the Democratic Party. Kevin Shopshire is a chronic liar and a bag of wind. He can do that on his site. If you allow him to do that on your site, then I will act accordingly. Your choice.

As to Kevin's ridiculous post:

1. I don't know if Brandon is second highest paid CEO in Michigan or if he makes more than GM CEO. But so what? My guess is that Domino's made more money last year than did GM.

2. He's running commercials for his company and you Dems go berserk. Get a life.

3. As I said on guru's site, Brandon is a good businessman. When he ran Vlassis, the company was regularly named one of the top places in the country to work because of its progressive employee programs. Vlassis was successful and he has turned around Domino's. Gee, he runs a successful business where employees are treated well and he provides jobs. This is the type of guy Democrats can't stand? Amazing.

4. Any increased profits going into Brandon's pockets? What a foolish statement. Guru is either lying or completely clueless about how a company works.

5. Employees don't make enough to live on? That's odd. I know many at Domino's who make very nice wages.

6. State government is in bad shape because the state continues to spend more than it takes in. The state raised taxes -- twice -- last year but still is running at a deficit.

7. All that aside, it is beyond unforgiveable for the chair of the state Democratic Party to suggest that Domino's -- and all of its employees -- should be financially harmed because the CEO is a Republican. Fortunately, Mark Brewer is about as impotent as a person can be so his blathering will likely have no impact on pizza sales.

Communications guru said...

Really? You’re not kevins either. But thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it.

I already debunked this garbage on my blog.

kevins said...

Why do you let communications guru lie and insult people on your blog.

He did not debunk a single point I made. In fact he even provided support for some of what I wrote.

Is Brandon a successful CEO? Was Vlassis rated one of the top places to work under his leadership? Did he turn Domino's around as CEO? Do many employees there earn a good living? Is it ludicrous to say that all the profits end up in his pocket? Did the head of the state Democratic Party urge people to not patronize a major Michigan employer because its CEO is a Republican?

The answer to all these is "yes." So much for his "debunking."

That you use him as a source and link unquestionably to his falsehoods shows me that you have little faith that your beliefs can withstand the scrutiny of facts and logic.

Please do not allow him to call people a liar unless he can back it up.

Signed Kevin Stone

Communications guru said...

What’s amazing is they let a liar and trickster like you post here.