Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh, the Hypocrisy!

In the 2008 campaign, Democrat Bob Alexander accused Republican incumbent Mike Rogers of Michigan's 8th Congressional District of basically being a hypocrite -- talking one way in the district and voting another way in Washington.

Rogers more or less proved Alexander's point with the recent Omnibus Budget Bill which passed Congress recently week after being held over from last fall.

First, Rogers stuffed the measure full of earmarks for his district, and then he voted against it as wasteful. The Livingston Press and Argus has the story.

The head of the Livingston County Road Commission suggested we give Rogers a "big hug" for including money for an I-96 interchange. He didn't mention that we'd have to drive on some of the worst roads in Michigan to get to that interchange, but that's another matter.

Rogers needs to explain some of the earmarks -- like the ones for the private Cleary College. All he told the newspaper was that he had "no problem" with it. That's not explanatory.

And he needs to explain why his earmarks are for worthy products and why everyone else's are "wasteful."

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