Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rogers Rambles in OTR Interview

Rep. Bill Rogers, R-Brighton, gave his first interview on WKAR's "Off the Record" recently and had a hard time keeping his story straight.

Rogers was on the show because he is co-chair of the "Freshman Caucus" formed by the 44 new members of the Michigan House. But under questioning from host Tim Skubick and the rest of the crew, Rogers could give no coherent reason for the existence of the caucus. He couldn't say if the first-year lawmakers will band together and vote as a block on legislation. And he claimed they haven't even discussed it, prompting Skubick to say, "Oh, come on, Mr. Rogers," adding he had talked to other first-year lawmakers who said it was discussed.

Rogers would only go so far as to say the caucus was "going to stop partisan bickering."

He waffled on a question about the pace of the Legislature, saying he thought it was too slow, but lawmakers were busy, but he didn't really disagree with Senate Majority Leader and fellow Republican Mike Bishop's desire to wait until a state revenue conference in May to work on major budget bills, except to say that's not the way they did it in Livingston County. So his answer was, "Yes, No, Maybe."


Anonymous said...

Rogers responses would be what you would expect of a man who did so poorly in the Press & Argus debate that the P&A refused to put it on their website. Rogers also refused to debate on public TV. Keep meandering, Bill. Maybe your constitutents will finally figure out that you really don't know much about the issues and your job.

Anonymous said...

I really like the part of the interview where he says he wants to end partisan bickering. And then a few minutes later he calls the stimulus bill "welfare." Way to set a good example, Mr. Rogers.