Monday, February 14, 2011

Bonuses Not Just Good for Auto Workers

The recent news that workers for Chrysler and General Motors will receive bonuses is good news for everybody.

Who knows exactly what the hourly workers will do with their bonuses. Since GM workers aren't getting raises, some might feel compelled to just sock the extra money away. But I'll bet at least a few of them spend a few dollars celebrating -- a nice dinner out, new clothes for the kids, or whatever. And of course they'll pay more state income taxes than they would have otherwise, helping the state's bottom line.

A lot of the money will find its way into the coffers of conservative business owners who are mad that the companies are still in business and that the workers still have jobs. So will they have the courage of their convictions and tell the autoworkers to keep their money and take their business elsewhere?

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Neil said...

These companies still owe the taxpayers money, the taxpayers should get all the bonus money until they are paid back.