Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why are Laptops for Students a Bad Idea NOW?

Livingston County residents are having a cow over the decision of Pinckney Community School officials to give students a 21st century learning tool -- a laptop.

Commentators on the local newspaper's site have a variety of "arguments" against buying laptops -- the students don't need laptops to take home because they can just use desktop computers in the schools; they don't need computers at all unless their parents can afford to buy them one, and one of my favorites, Einstein was really smart and he didn't have a laptop.

I wonder how these commentators would feel if they knew that this was Newt Gingrich's idea? Back in 1995, Gingrich proposed giving laptops to the poor, at a time when internet access in the U.S. and technological competence among teachers and parents was far less widespread than it is now. By 2001, he was saying every student should have a laptop.

So now that it is an idea that came from a "conservative," does that make it all better?

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kevins said...

Can't you please be a little bit fair and rational in your posts? Or is that asking too much of you?

A couple of people make comments about laptops and you blast all Republicans in the county, which means the vast majority of county reidents.

Even if these people are Republicans or conservatives, and you don't know that, they only represent their opinions, and not that of the party or the majority of the county.

If fact, the laptops were approved by a school board elected by mostly Republicans. The bond issue was passed by a populace that is mostly Republicans. These are the people you describe as backwards idiots. You display such hatred toward your fellow human.

From what I saw, much of the objections were based on the method of financing, not the importance of laptops.

In any case, there is no reason to believe the anti-laptop position is either significant or Republican.

You, however, with all your evil nastiness and prejudice, were chosen to run the county party by Democrats. What does that say about them?