Thursday, February 17, 2011

Snyder's Budget Redistributes Wealth

Reading the Republican comments about anything President Obama ever says or does, I somehow got the impression that Republicans hated the idea of "redistribution of wealth." Remember Joe the Plumber and the firestorm that ensued?

So I was a little surprised at all the "redistribution of wealth" proposed in Rick Snyder's budget for the state of Michigan being released Thursday (Feb. 17, 2011).

The way I read the Free Press article, there's about $1.7 billion in redistribution of wealth going on in that budget as taxes are raised on individuals and eliminated on all except publicly traded corporations.

Nearly $1 billion of that comes from taxing people who live on fixed incomes -- people living on pensions that they earned over a lifetime of work.

Somehow, I think Republicans will decide this kind of redistribution of wealth is just fine with them.

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kevins said...

You are a fraud.

For one thing, the first Republican response (yesterday) was a legislator who said the pension tax is a non-starter. So your snide comment is wrong.

Second, you won't debate issues. You just trash Republicans.

What is your solution to $1.8 billion debt? Haven't heard much from you on that. Are you going to find a way to raise taxes on Republicans only? If so, have the backbone to say so.