Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wisconsin Gov. Says He Wants Rick Snyder to Join the Fun

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is having so much fun busting unions and destroying the American middle class that he'd like to have more Republican governors join in. And he mentions Michigan's Rick Snyder by name.

Walker revealed that, and a whole lot more about his strategy in the union-busting fight going on in Wisconsin, during a 20-minute phone conversation with oil billionaire David Koch, one of the big money bags behind the Tea Party movement. The whole thing was recorded and is on youtube. You can listen to it here.

Why would Walker expose his entire strategy? Turns out, Walker only thought he was talking to his buddy Koch. He actually was talking to a blogger impersonating Koch, so he spilled his guts. Completely.

Walker has lots of plans to force the 14 Democratic senators back into the state so his union-busting bill can go forward -- withholding their pay, charging them with ethics violations, encouraging them to come back to "talk" but not "negotiate" so that there can be a quorum and then passing the bill even if they leave again.

Throughout the conversation, the Koch impersonator says some really outrageous things but they don't even seem to phase Walker. Bring in trouble-makers? We considered that, Walker said. Or, "Once you crush these bastards, I'll fly you out to Cali and really show you a good time." Walker's response, "All right. That would be outstanding."

But in the meantime, Walker would like more company. He says other Republican governors should follow his lead and names John Kasich in Ohio and Rick Scott in Florida. Then he brings up Snyder.

"I think Snyder if he got a little more support probably could do that in Michigan," Walker says.

Right now, Snyder appears to be busy driving jobs out of the state by eliminating the film industry tax credit while heaping taxes onto poor people and senior citizens to end taxes on business. There's only so much you can do at one time.


kevins said...

While you are gushing over the film industry jobs, why don't you talk to a firefighter in Allen Park. The city wrote a $1.2 million check to a film studio that up and left. Now 25-30 firefighters got pink slipped.

kevins said...

Now it is being reported that the deal with film studios was not a factor in Allen Park budget woes. Seems odd to me, but if that's the way it shakes off, I'll have to take back my earlier comment.