Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cleaning Up Cindy Denby's Mess

Livingston County taxpayers have just made a $100,000 installment on a multi-million-dollar problem.

Their elected representatives -- the all-Republican Livingston County Commission -- has decided to give $100,000 to Handy Township for legal fees over an uncompleted sewer line. The line was part of an expansion the township was constructing for a private developer. The bonds were backed by the county, which puts all county taxpayers on the hook for paying them off. The first construction company failed to complete the sewer line and walked away in 2008. The second one hired to finish the job also gave up on it and its owner says the county failed to inform it of numerous difficulties with the project when the company bid on it. Now the matter is in the courts, and Handy Township needed money for legal fees.

Whose idea was this mess anyway?

Why, none other than Livingston County's own Rep. Cindy Denby. The so-called conservative Republican lawmaker was township supervisor when the project was initiated. She was in charge when the township, with a population of roughly 7,000, decided it needed not one, not two, but three more subdivisions in the township, (on top of another one in the village of Fowlerville.) Combined, they would have added thousands more households to the 2,500 in the townships. Even as the auto industry shed thousands of jobs in Michigan that decade, Denby listened to the snake oil sales pitch private developers were giving and decided to build sewer lines for the developers' pipe dreams without getting any financial guarantees from them. Denby's "conservative" Republican buddies on the Livingston County Commission aided and abetted the plan, giving county backing to the bonds. Now the township can't make its payments to the county for the bonds because the projects failed.

Now that the chickens have come home to roost, Denby has moved on. Voters rewarded her by electing her state representative in 2008 and then re-elected her in 2010.

Because she is "conservative."

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kevins said...

So are you saying that voters in Livingston County, and particularly Handy Township, are stupid? That hardly seems like a good way to attract people to the Democratic Party.

Or are you saying that Democrats can't come up with credible candidates? That seems possible.

At any rate, as I read the story, the township was trying to find a way to provide low-income housing. Are Democrats suddenly against that idea? Or do you just oppose it because a Republican backed it?

Such a sad, ugly person you are.