Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where Were the Biggest Job Losses in 2010?

A lot of conservatives are hyperventilating right now about that intellectually dishonest comparison of private sector and public sector jobs that Rick Snyder put out earlier this week.

So they probably would be surprised to find out where the single largest loss of jobs occurred last year.

In government. Yeah, in government.

According to final employment statistics for 2010, Michigan lost 15,000 jobs in government last year, more than any other sector, including manufacturing. Here's what the AP said:

"Over the course of 2010, the biggest employment loss was in government, which saw 15,000 jobs disappear. Michigan also lost 5,000 jobs in financial activities, 3,000 in information, 2,000 in construction and 1,000 in trade, transportation and utilities during the year. Professional and business services also lost 1,000 jobs.

"During that period, Michigan gained 11,000 manufacturing jobs. Natural resources and mining, education and health services and other services each gained 1,000 jobs."

Didn't see that in Snyder's report. Guess it wouldn't help his cause any.

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