Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where Were 'Second Amendment Remedies' in Egypt's Revolt?

The right wing is really confused right now. They love to demand "freedom" for themselves, but as they watch Egyptians celebrate after overthrowing their dictator, they are really stumped.

Freedom is good, but since this happened under President Obama, they have to find a way to criticize it to keep their followers convinced that the entire world is going to hell in a hand basket under Obama.

Freedom is good, but lots of the Egyptians are Muslims and of course the right wing has to keep everyone afraid of Muslims constantly or pretty soon they'll be able to build mosques anywhere and worship as they please in this country. Of course, the right wing can't have that because fear of other people is one thing that keeps the right wing together.

Freedom is good, but you have to have your own personal AK-47 to protect it from the big, bad government. But these Muslims, whom the right-wing tells us are inherently violent and evil and out to destroy freedom, didn't use any AK-47s to bring off their revolt. They just peaceably assembled.

And that is really confusing for the right wing. How do they argue that they need "Second Amendment Remedies" here in the United States when Egyptians were able to topple an entrenched dictator without firing a shot? How do they argue there can be absolutely no restrictions on gun ownership (while there are plenty of restrictions on our other freedoms under the Bill or Rights), when it is possible to change the government with just free speech and free assembly?

Confusion reigns.


Scott said...

I think that the point of the 2nd Amendment is not to protect us if the military doesn't shoot but if they do. How well would have the people of Egypt been able to protect themselves if the Army backed the then president and fired upon the people or enforced the oppression of the people.

kevins said...

So what you are saying is, you prefer a situation where you live under the thumb of a brutal dictator for 30 years and then, when citizens finally make a stand, HOPE that the army doesn't mow you down, like they did in China.

Question, which I know you won't answer: Would have have appproved of the patriots' armed action against the Red Coats? Or should they have tried to win the American Revolution without guns?

Your continued slam against Republicans hardly deserves a response. Even Rachel Maddow admits that the next chapter in Egypt might not be a good one.

Republican Michigander said...

Do we even know what the new bosses in Egypt are going to do yet?

For all you know, they may start shooting, or control the people without firing a shot. It's worked for the last 30 years there.